If we need cash quickly and are unable to borrow from family or friends, we usually choose help in the form of payday loans. However, to receive up to several hundred zlotys of cash, you must meet certain conditions. The borrower must be an adult who resides in Poland, often as a Polish citizen, have an ID card, bank account and telephone number. In most cases, you should also have a stable monthly income, be it payroll, disability or old-age pensions. However, not everyone meets these conditions. Does the unemployed have any chance of getting a loan? Which non-bank loan companies grant payday loans as proof?

Basic conditions for a person applying for a loan

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There are lenders for whom having a permanent, documented certificate from the workplace in the case of remuneration or from the Social Insurance Institution (DAWSN) in the case of a disability pension or retirement pension is a mandatory item that cannot be overcome. However, there are also companies that grant loans also on proof of it, taking into account the client’s solvency, which can be seen in his repayment history verified exactly. For the last ones, other sources of income may also be relevant, e.g. monthly child allowance 500+, which is not officially defined, but comes out during talks with the company’s consultant.

Instant pay as proof as the only option without income

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Looking deeper into one of the borrowers’ offers, we read what other conditions in exchange for a lack of stable income must be met in order to receive at least the first payday loan.

On the example of Vivo

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You should be a Polish citizen without limitation of legal transactions (read incapacitated), have a permanent place of residence in Poland and be 20 years old (maximum 78). In addition, you must have creditworthiness, lack of debt and visibility in economic information databases – without it we have no chance of a loan. And of course, as with all lenders – have a personal bank account, phone number and email address. Due to the fact that Vivo does not require a stable income, you cannot have any unpaid loans in return with that lender.