Sandifor offers payouts of up to PLN 10,000, but only for regular, proven clients of the company. As a person submitting his first loan application in Sandifor, we can get a loan of up to PLN 3000, totally free for a period of 30 days. for further explanation

We start the new week with the presentation of a new loan brand on the Polish market. It is Sandifor – a company that offers popular payday loans, i.e. loans with a short repayment period of up to 30 days. Sandifor has a range of payouts up to PLN 10,000.

Of course, as you probably guessed, loans up to PLN 10,000 are available only for regular customers of the company. If you want to reach for the first loan in Sandifor, you can count on borrowing up to 3000 PLN. Larger amounts of loans, the company is able to offer only to verified customers who will repay the first loan without delay and in advance.

Sandifor – Momentum up to PLN 10,000 for 30 days

The Fnbo offer is addressed to all persons who are interested in obtaining a loan with a short repayment period. The brand operates under the wings of two companies, namely Fincapital which is the intermediary of the loan, and PrimaStar, which is the main lender. If you submit your first loan application in Sandifor, the company will offer you a payment of up to PLN 3,000 within the first loan. Much larger loan limits, the company is able to offer its regular customers. If you pay off your liabilities in Sandifor on time, the company will be able to offer you a loan of up to PLN 10,000.

The first minute to PLN 3000 for PLN 0

Momentum Finbo

People who have never had a chance to take a loan in Sandifor will be interested in the fact that we will get the first loan for them completely free. We will have to remember about borrowing the whole loaned loan at the time agreed before applying for such a loan. We will have no more than 30 days for it – the maximum loan repayment period in Sandifor.

Who would you like for a minute in Sandifor?

Who would you like for a minute in Sandifor?

Sandifor provides payday debts online , for people who are over 20 years of age and have a valid ID card. An essential element for obtaining a loan will also be a mobile phone and a bank account. Through it, we will have to make a verification transfer in the amount of PLN 0.01. The loan will be transferred straight to our bank account, even within 15 minutes of approval of our loan application. The quick transfer of loans to the account will be counted by people who have a bank account in one of the banks cooperating with Sandifor: Meteor Bank, Millenial Bank, Satin Bank.